25 Top Things to do in Dubai

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Dubai is a mind-blowing tourist destination that fascinates travelers from across the globe with its breathtaking architecture and fantastic shopping malls. Many luxury travelers choose this city to relax in its superb resorts and spas. This beautiful destination is not only famous for high-rising architecture and elegant shopping malls, but also for astonishing tourist attractions and adventure activities. It is not difficult to find thrilling tourist activities in Dubai that offer both adventure and fun to people.

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Here is the list of the top 25 things to do in this marvelous city.

1. Get a Spectacular View of Dubai through Skydiving

Skydiving in Dubai

Skydiving in Dubai | Photo: http://bit.ly/2rqeVpm

Skydiving is certainly an amazing activity that you can enjoy during your trip to Dubai. It is an adventurous activity that helps you to see the gorgeous city of Dubai conveniently up from the sky but you must have enough guts to do it. Whether you are a professional skydiver or going to try it for the first time, Dubai offers all the facilities to enjoy the activity. What all you need to enjoy this adrenaline-rush activity is the guts to freefall.

2. Test your Biking Ability through Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking in Dubai

Mountain Biking in Dubai | Photo: http://bit.ly/2qUjXOC

Mountain biking is a new sport in Dubai that attracting so many adventure lovers from various parts of the world. The city is not just about smooth roads and fine sand dunes but a favorite spot for many biking lovers. Dubai has more than 70 kilometers of excellent biking trails with wrinkled and craggy terrain and narrow and steep routes. These routes test the biking abilities of even the expert bikers. It is one of the exciting things to do in Dubai.

3. Enjoy Fun-Filled Activities During Desert Camping

Desert Camping

Desert Camping in Dubai

Famous for the large stretches of magnificent deserts, desert camping is one of the fun-filled activities that you can enjoy in Dubai. Desert camping is not just for holidaymakers but it is also a popular outdoor activity for the residents of the country. There are many excellent camping sites throughout the country. There are many tour operators in Dubai who offer excellent overnight desert safari packages. Most of the packages include camping, camel rides, BBQ activities and several fun-filled activities.

4. Mind-Blowing Underwater Experiences in Dubai

Diving in Dubai

Underwater Experience in Dubai

Tourists love to enjoy wreck and reef diving during their trip to the vibrant city of Dubai. The trained instructors provide state-of-the-art equipment to give memorable and safe underwater experience to each marine life lover. Even if the reefs in Dubai are sparsely occupied along the sandy coastlines of the country, visitors can enjoy some superb wreck dives at this destination. The Red Sea of the Middle East is famous for such activities. Divers can find some fine wreck a few miles off the shore. Many adventure lovers from across the globe visit Dubai to enjoy different underwater activities like wreck and reef diving.

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5. Explore the Adventures of Dubai through Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking in Dubai

Sea Kayaking in Dubai

The large stretches of wetland along the beautiful coast of Arabian Peninsula offer fantastic kayaking opportunities. Plan some kayaking tours in this arena to explore the adventures and fun of the Arabian Peninsula. The Sea Kayaking tour in Dubai offers many activities like traveling around the awe-inspiring coast of Dibba, camping on secluded beaches, and BBQs. Many rare bird species can be spotted during this activity. Early morning or late afternoon is the best time to enjoy sea kayaking. There are many companies in Dubai offer Kayak tours and it shall be a memorable experience to join a guided sea kayaking tour during your trip to this country.

6. Explore the Wild Side of Adventure through Sand Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing in Dubai

Dune Bashing in Dubai

Sand Dune bashing is a must do activity in Dubai that gives some unforgettable moments to each visitor. Many tour operators offer exciting packages that not only include bouncy rides but many thrilling activities for travelers who wish to indulge in sand dunes bashing. The experienced drivers take you in a hummer or other such vehicles on the deserts of Dubai to explore the wild side of adventure. You can opt for a package that has the combination of a safari and dinner in the desert for an amazing sand dune experience.

7. Enjoy Hiking and Climbing in Dubai

Hiking in Dubai

Hiking at Hajjar Mountain in Dubai

Many people prefer to try hiking and climbing on the renowned Jebel Misht and Hajjar Mountains along with several other climbing cliffs during their trip to Dubai. This vivacious city offers so many options for trekking enthusiasts. The hiking route of the Ras-al-Khaimah can be a good choice to enjoy the activity for beginners and non-climbers.

8. Enjoy 360o View of Dubai from the Burj Khalifa

360 Degree View of Dubai

Mesmeric view of Dubai city from Burj Khalifa

Watching the stunning Burj Khalifa can be a dream of many people which is the tallest building in the world. This outstanding architecture has two observation decks that offer splendid views of the city. It is possible to book your tickets online even 30 days in advance which helps you to avoid wait time to get admission. This architectural marvel is truly a superb place to see in Dubai.

9. Visit the Dubai Museum to explore its historical ambience

Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum

Travelers can get a lot of information about Dubai and its rich culture and history by visiting the famous Dubai Museum. This oldest structure in the city is certainly a point of interest for people from across the globe. The fast evolution of the country from a fishing village to the international center of tourism, finance, and commerce is illustrated in this museum. You will get an idea about the Bedouin life in the desert region, the importance of sea before the discovery of oil and can watch several archaeological findings by visiting this museum.

10. Enjoy enticing glimpses of Dubai at Al Fahidi Historic District

Al Fahidi Historic District, Dubai

Al Fahidi Historic District, Dubai

Formerly known as the Bastakia Quarter, visiting the beautifully restored heritage area of Al Fahidi Historic District shall be a fantastic experience for each visitor. They can watch the sand-colored houses with wind towers in the narrow walking lanes of this heritage area. It shall be a mind-blowing experience for people who visit Dubai for holidays to walk through the narrow lanes that are filled with museums, art galleries courtyard cafes, and craft shops.

11. Spend some time in the luxurious hotel of Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab Dubai

Burj Al Arab Dubai

Burj Al Arab is definitely a wonderful place ideal for a family hangout. This sail-shaped silhouette nestled on an artificial island is considered as the most luxurious hotel in the world. It comes with a helipad and a wonderful fleet of chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce limousines in addition to 202 suites and a striking lobby with an eye-catching fountain.

12. Visit the beautiful Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque Dubai

Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai

The great feature of the Jumeirah Mosque is that it is the only mosque in Dubai that is open to non-Muslims. Visiting this charming and intricately detailed mosque is one of the best things to do in Dubai. The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding operates guided tours of the mosque six days a week where visitors can ask any question related to the Islamic culture and religion.

13. Explore the renowned Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is a great tourist attraction in Dubai where visitors can enjoy a lot of things. Home to more than 1200 stores and restaurants, this beautiful place is the largest shopping mall in the country. Dubai Mall is not just famous for shopping and eating but it has several other attractions like an aquarium, an indoor theme park, ice rink, a dinosaur skeleton and a multiplex cinema. You must visit this astonishing mall for a mind-blowing shopping experience.

14. Unleash you inner child at the astonishing Wild Wadi Water Park

Wild Wadi Water Park Dubai

Wild Wadi Water Park, Dubai

The Wild Wadi Water Park can be a good choice for family holidaymakers in Dubai. Nestled next to the sea, each person loves this fabulous water park. Kids would love to enjoy the ‘aquatic roller coaster’, the racing slides at the Dhow and Lagoon or simply the splash-tastic water guns at this park. It shall be a fun activity for kids to experience the modern surf machine at this park. This picnic spot is not just meant for kids, but adults also prefer to participate in the adrenaline-fuelled rides at this fantastic spot.

15. Hit the ski slopes in the Mall of the Emirates

Ski at Mall of Emirates Dubai

Ski Slopes at Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

Skiing is certainly an exciting activity that you can enjoy in Dubai other than sightseeing and shopping. Ski Dubai is the right place to enjoy this activity which is a part of the well-known, Mall of the Emirates. This indoor ski resort offers more than 22,500 square meters of the ski area. With excellent snow setting, visitors can enjoy several activities here such as skiing, tobogganing, or snowboarding in this ski resort. Ski Dubai offers winter clothing and skiing equipment for people who wish to enjoy this activity. The themed restaurants at this tourist spot are also fascinating.

16. Spend an evening at the Gold Souk

Gold Souk Dubai

Gold Souk, Dubai

Watching the colorful shops filled with gold jewelry shall be a breathtaking experience for each visitor to Dubai. There are hundreds of shops in this must-go place in Dubai packed with plenty of jewelry from tiny pearl earrings to large wedding necklaces of gold. You would just love to visit this traditional market in the evening not only to buy high-quality gold but also to witness the goings-on here.

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17. Enjoy kitesurfing at the Kite Beach in Dubai

Kite Surfing at Kite Beach in Dubai

Kitesurfing at Kite Beach, Dubai

If you are looking for some fun-filled activities in Dubai, then plan a trip to the renowned Kite Beach. This long stretch of spectacular white-sand beach is located at the south of Jumeirah Beach and is very popular among kitesurfers. Many sunbathers also visit this beach to enjoy the day while soaking up in the sun rays and for swimming. Kite Beach also offers plenty of water sports like paddle boarding and water kite surfing.

18. Rides at the IMG Worlds of Adventure

Indoor IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai

IMG Worlds of Adventure, Dubai | Photo: http://bit.ly/2pWecfp

Visiting the IMG Worlds of Adventure can be one of the best things to try to make your trip to Dubai outstanding. This large indoor amusement park has the size of 28 football fields. It has four themed zones such as Cartoon Network, IMG Boulevard, Lost Valley Dinosaur Adventure and Marvel with more than 20 rides. The dining outlets at this theme park are also worth visiting.

19. Abra ride on Dubai Creek

Abra Ride in Dubai

Abra Ride in Dubai

Dubai has many tourist places to be explored but one cannot leave the city without enjoying an Abra ride on the gorgeous Dubai Creek. Each visitor to this vibrant city loves the idea of crossing the Dubai Creek on an Abra. You can hire an Abra for an hour or can take a one- way ticket to watch the charm of some of the older parts of the city.

20. Sail around Palm Jumeirah Island in a speedboat

Sail around Palm Jumeirah Island in a speedboat

Sailing around Palm Jumeirah

Each holidaymaker to Dubai loves the idea of sailing around the man-made island, Palm Jumeirah in a speedboat or yacht. This island looks like an attractive palm tree from above and has many luxury hotels, resorts, and restaurants. Discovering the island on a speedboat or yacht shall be a beautiful experience for each visitor in the city.

21. Plan for a free movie under the stars at Wafi Complex

movie under stars at wafi complex

Wafi Complex, Dubai

If you love the idea of watching a movie under the blanket of stars on huge beanbags while munching on hotdog or popcorn with your favorite drinks, head out to the Pyramids Rooftop Complex in Wafi complex on a Sunday evening to watch a good movie. It is a free activity that you can do in Dubai.

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22. Experience Virtual Reality at VR Zoo

VR Zoo Dubai

VR Zoo, Dubai

Plan a trip to the well-known Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, if you are on some family holidays in Dubai. It is an ideal place for your kids to watch some of the exotic wildlife in Dubai. This tourist place houses several charming nocturnal desert animals. Take a stroll through the 48-metre aquarium tunnel to watch large saltwater crocodiles and other aquatic species. Enjoy the virtual reality experience of travel through the jungles of Asia or the Savannah of Africa at VR Zoo.

23. Enjoy a theater program at Dubai Opera

Dubai Opera

Dubai Opera | Photo: http://bit.ly/2pTEBdr

If you are looking for some night activity in Dubai, then at night, Dubai Opera is the right venue for entertainment in the city. Here one can enjoy participating in different night activities. This striking piece of architectural mastery hosts opera, ballet, concerts of world-class musicians, classical music, and programs of different musical theater productions throughout the year.

24. Try both Cheap and chic eats of Dubai

Places to Eat in Dubai

Dubai Cuisines | Photo: http://bit.ly/2reJv99

Each traveler can make his or her fun-filled holiday in Dubai more exciting by visiting the cheap and chic eats of the city. Dubai is a tourist destination that is suitable for both super rich and super poor. There are many chic restaurants in this tourist destination that serve exotic dishes. However, Dubai is suitable for everyone and the city offers many restaurants and outlets that provide delicious cuisine at affordable rates.

25. Shop till you drop before leaving the city

Shopping in Dubai

Shopping in Dubai | Photo: http://bit.ly/2rqlr09

With an incredible selection of huge shopping malls, Dubai is the best shopping destination in the world. There are Louis Vuitton or Burberry and the Dubai Mall for the rich and elite while the common people can grab a bargain at the Dubai Outlet Mall. Dubai Shopping festival is very popular and people from across the globe visit the country during this time. This event makes each shopping lover excited with citywide sales, huge discounts, and crazy promotions. Dubai is certainly an ultimate destination when it comes to shopping.

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